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  1. How do I register for classes? 

2. What is the dress code for my dancer? 


3. Can I find which Recital Show my Dancer is in during Enrollment? 


  • Yes - When you enroll, the Recital Show is listed in the title of Each class. For Example:  ACRO I (SHOW I)


4. How can I see my childs classes once I have enrolled?



5. When do classes begin and end for the current year? 


  • Classes being the week of September 16th, 2023 and end the week of June 15th, 2024. Check out our BAND group calendar feature.




1. How is Tuition charged? 


  • Tuition is charged on the 1st in 10 monthly increments. 


2. What additional charges can I expect during the year?


  • Costume deposits will be charged on October 15th. Competition Fees for Team charged November 15th. Remaining recital and costume charges are charged March 15th




1. How do I find information relating to Dress Rehearsal and Recital?


  • Dress Rehearsal and Recital Information is given during our COSTUME WEEK.  It is Mandatory for one parent to attend costume week. Please mark this date on your calender.  Costume week happens during your dancer's class. Check our calendar on the BAND app. 


2. Do I need to purchase tickets for each show that my dancer is in? 


  • Yes - tickets must be purchased for each show. Your dancer does not need to purchase a ticket. 


3. When do I come to Dress Rehearsal?


  • In your recital packet given during Costume Week, you will see your dress rehearsal highlighted.  Please review the packet for additional dress rehearsal information. 


4. Which show is my dancer in?



5. How can I find what my dancer needs to bring to the recital? 


  • Please refer to your Recital Packet given during Costume Week.


6. ​Does my dancer come dressed to the recital? 


  • Yes - Your dancer comes dressed in their first costume with complete hair and makeup done

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